Korry D. Cooper

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement

Eric Thomas Once said "Pain is temporary it may last for a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year but eventually it will subside if I quit however it will last forever." When I was young believe it or not I was Extremely Tiny. I would get picked on all the time, and get looked over in sports. That was one thing I hated getting looked over in sports so at 7 years old I dedicated my whole life to getting bigger, stronger, and better. I did one hundred push ups a day, one hundred sit ups a day, and one hundred pull ups a day. The next 7 years I started in every sport i played. I didn't get looked over because now I was the one looking, and everyone that was picking on me on the football team was getting laid out by me! None of this came easy though I had shed blood, a lot of sweat, and the occasional tear. So, now at anything I do I always give it my all. School is my number one priority, education is key to everything in my book.


J.E.B Stuart Elementary School


Ridge Elementary School


Byrd Middle School

2011- To present

Track 7th Grade

Football 8th Grade

Basketball 8th Grade

Current Events Club

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Life Quote

Work Experince Journal

1-31-14 A guest from capitol one came to interview me. She gave me tips on how to get a job and she told us what to do and what not to do.

2-5-14 Worked on my portfolio on smore.com.

2-21-14 First day! today i worked my for Mrs. Burbic, i got to grade papers and things on that nature.

2-24-14 Working on journal in Mr.Timok class.

2/26/14 Today i made copies for Ms.Burbic and graded papers for her.

2\28/14 Today i kinda messed up the copies Ms.Burbic wanted but i fixed my mistake

3/5/14 Today ms.Burbic let me watch the class and escort students to the office.

3/7/14 Mrs Richards brought her baby in and i was on crowd control but it was easy day.

3/12/14/ I finally finished the 3 big binders that ms. Burbic gave me to do. They were full of paper that weren't in the rings.

3/14/14 today i helped kauna and micheal recycle paper.

3/19/14 today was kind of a chill day with ms. burbic. Her class was taking a test so i was pretty much watching them.

3-21-14 I got to make copies today for ms burbic and worked on my project fro science.

3/26/14 Today i organized more binders and, i got to walk around in my sector to ask teachers for supplies that miss. Burbic needed.

4/2/14 Today miss Burbic had me go to mrs.Fransico and help her. So i helped fix her messy book shelf

4/4/14 I didn't go to miss Burbic today, i went with terrae so he could finish his test with miss mistr. After that we got to goeat with mrs jacksons class

4/11/14 Miss burbic was absent today so i made some copies for mrs richards and then i helped the the library set up for poetry week.

4/25/14 today the only thing i did was label locks for the office. there was a number on the back of the lock and i had to find it in a book. and then put the combination on the lock.

4/30/14 i made copies all day and then i used the scan tron machine for the first time today

5/2/14 today i help Mr.Semo set up for the golf tournament me and Terrae carried ice coolers for him and we also took some drinks to the gym for the 8th grade dance

5/7/14 today i worked in the wood shop for Mr.timok i organized the wood sheld with terrae.

5/9/14 I recycled all day today i'm glad i dont work for mrs burbic anymore.

Contact information

For more information or to schedule in an interview please contact Bruce Timok, EFE Teacher, Byrd Middle School

rbtimok@henrico.k12.va.us 804-750-2730