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Esmee vd Wier

The Netherlands werledkamioen korfball

The Netherlandse korfball theam LDODK is weledkamioen become.

Erwin Zwart received to the end of the contest yet what playing time and some the play.

She won with 18-27

A super performance!!

The fall of Sjinkie Knegt

Sjinkie Knegt was playing a world Cup final when in Dordrecht he fall. In frond of him is the season last. he has a three broking ribs and a little

Second golden medal on row

The Netherlandse hockey team women has for the second time a golden medal on a Olimpic play. She won a golden medal in 2008 and in 2012.

2008 won she with 2-0 from China, and in 2012 also with 2-0 from Argentina.