The Escape

With Jeff the Buffalo Wild Wing

Gobbled down

I was walking down the street minding my own buissness when someone snatched me up and gobbled me down like a tiger chasing it's prey.

"Fhew I thought I was a gonner." I wishpered.

I am Jeff the Buffalo Wild Wing who can't belive that someone would just swallow me whole like that. I said in my head.

"Where am I all I see is gooy walls dripping water from the top and it smells like kungeiled rotting moldy salomy and it feels like I was in drool at Chucky Chesses." I murmered.

"Let me tell you my story a few minutes ago I was walking down the street when some weido snatched me up so I tried jumping out but I had no hope and the next thing I knew was that I was in a stomach."

While time passed I was swimming in this mystery green water but my legs started burning so I jumped out.

Failed to escape

Just then I saw a light so I jumped back into the wierd water and I bolted over to it but before I could get there something snatched my ankle. So I looked and I saw a brocoli piece that mumbled,

"Don't do it there's no way out unless nature happens."

"Who are you," I growled.

"Oh I'm Ted the brocoli piece I was eaten in 1879 it was a magical day when I was walking down the food lane number 700 where no one ever goes and then someone came up and said,

"How did you get out of the brocoli bag." Then they snatched me up and smushed me in their mouth and the next I knew I was in a dark scary place."

"What is your name." Ted asked.

"Jeff." I mumbled.

There was a long silence between us.

A new Firend

I was walking in the green water again until it started to swirl so I jumped then I hollered,

" Ted get out of there."

" No Jeff It's my end." He uttered under his breath.

Then I saw Ted go to his end.

" It should've been me it should've been me." I cried.

I was sobbing for about three hours until I was crushed by this big fat patato.

"Get off of me you big fat patato." I howled.

" Hey that's not nice." The patato cried.

"What's your name." I asked.

"Freddy." Freddy wishpered.

A few hours passed of Freddy and me walking in the hurtful green water until it started to swirl again so I yelled from the bottom of my stomach,

"Freddy get over here!"

So he bolted over here and barley made it here safely.

"Ow!" Freddy cried.

"What." I asked.

"I'm almost a full baked patato." He screamed.

"Oh." I sighed.

Then there was a long moment of Freddy sobbing and a long moment of me almost drowning in his sob. Just then I saw a light that led down a passage to even a brighter light so I wishpered,

"Freedy stop crying and follow me. So we hiked up the passage way then there was a long time down a hill so we floped on our backs and rolled down the hill. But then there was still about ten miles left.

Knocked Out

Just then there was this massive wave that rushed through the tube and it smashed me right in mucus.

"Gross." I shouted.

"What." Freddy asked by shouting.

"My leg is stuck in mucus." I called back.

So freddy darted over here and pulled like a gorilla trying to get out of the zoo but it didn't so he tried again but before he could grab onto my leg the water demolished him into the wall like a plane that just crashed. But that didn't stop Freddy so he got back up and powered through the water but before he could get to me the water pushed me out and we bumped heads and were knocked out.

Disaster in Paradise

I woke up and I was split in two so I grabbed my other arm and stiched me back up. Something started to grumble like an earthquake and Freddy started rolling so I hopped in front of him but I couldn't stop him he just made me get crushed in the wall then we were stuck like a booger in a nose except it was a wall not a nose.

"Ah man you need a shower." I yelled.

Just then there was a cloudy chance of meatballs then there was a giant pepperioni pizza that smacked me across the face.

BEEEP! BEEP! BEEP! There is a 99.999% chance that we will have a tsunami, flood, and cloudy chance of meatballs BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

When Freddy and me woke up we were off the wall it was a miracle. Well that's what I thought until there was a flashing light and glass walls coming down from the ceiling on both sides of Freddy and me.Before the walls touch the ground the massive way came in and then there was water coming up from the ground then there was a meatball that fell on Freddy so I scooped it up and I threw it at the wall then it was a meatball warming up it's eggs.