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August 31, 2021

Hello Faithful Families!

Well that was a fun HOWDY back to school! We can already tell it is going to be a great school year!

We enjoyed our first school event this past Thursday! Those of you that were able to join us for our annual Howdy Day witnessed me dancing the cotton eye joe as well as line dancing with my students. And if you were really lucky, you got to taste the cowboy stew that Makenna & Noah's Grandma Peggy brought! For everyone else, we had hot dogs and frito pie. A big THANKS to each of the FA parents who contributed to our lunch. I'd also like to give a shout out to Roya Ware for bringing up their horse, Festus, for the students to pet and take pictures with. To say the least, our students immensely enjoyed their first school event.

Our next family event is our Taste of Faithfulness scheduled for Thursday October 14, from 5-7pm. This event is my personal favorite as we get to taste food favorites from all of our Faithful families. Be sure to save the date. It is an event you will not want to miss! Much more information will be coming on this event.

Let me introduce our three new teacher mentors to our Faithful Family. Mrs Randi is teaching Math & Science to tribes of Levi and Simeon and teaching Science to Asher. Mrs Bailey is our new elementary teacher for the tribe of Benjamin. And Mrs. Gabbi is our music teacher. She will also be helping in chapel and in the elementary classrooms as well. By now, all of our students and most of our parents have noticed all the aesthetic changes to the school. Our front building received a complete makeover, our back building was blessed with new furniture and many educational tools, our playground was enlarged with extended fencing and picnic tables, and kids are loving the two new basketball goals. Please see the bottom of the newsletter to see all of the generous families that donated to us this summer.

Lunches: Our school students are relaxing into their classes and especially enjoying the stocked snack bar and new lunch venues that have been added. At the request of students and busy parents, I was asked to find a restaurant for Monday lunches. We now have the convenience of ordering lunches all four school days from some of our favorite places. Mondays is Raising Canes, Tuesday we order from BoomTown BBQ, Wednesday is Chic-Fil-A day and Thursdays is Little Caesars Pizza. If you need lunch options that are offered from the following restaurants please visit our website here or ask your child's teacher to send home a list. I'm currently looking for two volunteers that can help weekly with picking up our lunch order at 11:30 and delivering it to FA by 11:45. If I can find someone to volunteer on Mondays only and someone else to volunteer for Tuesdays only, that will be a huge blessing to all of our FA staff and students! Please message me on dojo if this is something you can help with.

Covid Update: Please be sure to keep your child home if they are the slightest bit ill. We are finding out that even a scratchy throat can turn into covid . It is better to be safe and stay home from school and notify your child's teacher than to possibly spread this. If any of the family members living in your home are feeling ill or may have been exposed to someone with Covid, please keep your child home to air on the side of caution. Our FA staff and mentors are doing our very best to keep Covid out of our school but we will never be able to without your help being proactive in the areas mentioned above. Teacher mentors are wiping down student desk/tables, door knobs, bathrooms, etc numerous times throughout the day. We are also requiring students to sanitize their hands before entering each of their classrooms. IF you would like to donate a bottle or two of hand sanitizer to our school, THANK YOU in advance! Please drop it off at the front office or in the parent drop off/pick up line.

STEAM Classes: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Bi-weekly, your student will bring home a list of STEAM classes being offered for the upcoming two weeks. Please review these options and return it to school with your students class request. Please be advised this is a request only. We will do our very best to place your child in their requested classes on these conditions: there is not a conflict in class/days, the class is not full to capacity and that the class is level appropriate for your child. If there is a conflict, we will put your child in the class that is best appropriate for their learning needs and interest.

These classes are something new and exciting being offered the last 50 minutes of every school day here at FA. The STEAM classes being offered will continuously be changing. Some classes will repeat occasionally for different age levels or for students that missed the opportunity of the first class.

Most STEAM classes will be a one time class. However sometimes a mentor cannot teach the class subject fully in one 50 minute class. In which case, the class may run for 2-3 consecutive Mondays etc. We hope the students look forward and get excited about the new classes they will get to take.

In a traditional school, students are required to stay in an elective class for an entire semester. It is my hope that these STEAM classes will serve as an introduction and spark interest in many different areas that would otherwise not be introduced.

I would love any suggestions you may have for a STEAM class. I would also love it if you would be willing to teach a one time STEAM class in an area or hobby that you would be willing to share. Here's an example. I have a parent that is a dietitian coming in to teach a one or two classes on diet and a healthy lifestyle. My husband, Mr. Matt, is going to teach a one time class on changing a tire soon. Each child will get the opportunity to get their hands dirty in that class!

Please share your passions and talents with our students! It only has to be a one time class for 50 minutes! Please message me personally through dojo to volunteer or come in to set something up with me! Everyone has something they can share.

Tutorials: Please be reminded that tutorials are offered every morning from 7:20-7:58am

Make-up TEST/ReTest: This year we are not holding friday school school. Your child will need to retest in morning tutorials. Students are to schedule to retest with their teacher. All retest must be completed within 4 class days of receiving the graded test back. And many teachers require test corrections and a morning tutorial of reteaching prior to retesting. Be sure to know the teachers retesting requirements.

Remember that September 6th - No school for the Labor Day holiday!

Thank you parents for all you do! Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

ALWAYS In HIS Direction,

Rhonda Daley

Monthly Tuition Due by the 5th! Please add tshirt money if you have not paid.

Another HUGE Thank you to all of the Donations this summer to improve Faithful!

We are so appreciative for all of the wonderful donations big and small!

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