5th Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 9: October 11th - October 15th

Dear Families,

If you have not had a chance to already, please sign up for a parent conference. Both Ms. Grotte and Mr. Linnell will be in attendance so you will be able to ask questions about any subject. Use THIS LINK to sign up. Thanks!

We are taking our Short Cycle Assessments this week. This data will help us determine how to best support our students in class.

Wednesday - Math

Thursday - Science

Friday - Reading

This week Mr. Linnell's homeroom will go to the library with Mrs. Saenz and Ms. Grotte's class will have a counseling lesson with Ms. Devins.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns:




Ms. Grotte and Mr. Linnell

What we're doing in class this week...

ALL Subjects: Review content from the beginning of the school year and get ready for our Short Cycle Assessments.

Allergy Aware Campus

Please check your child's backpack for a letter from our school nurse regarding allergies.