Weekly Warrior

Volume 10 Issue 10 October 23rd, 2017

Important Dates

Oct 25th-PLC Meetings

Oct 26th-TorchPrep for Seniors (Those who signed up with Ashley Cummins.)

Oct 27th-TorchPrep for Seniors (Those who signed up with Ashley Cummins.)

Oct 27th-SWHS 25th Year Celebration Event

Oct 28th-ACT

Nov 2nd-1st/3rd/5th Block Final Exams

Nov 3rd-December ACT Registration Deadline

Nov 3rd-2nd & 4th Block Final Exams

Nov 6th-Growth Day-No School for Students

Nov 7th-Trimester 2 Begins

Nov 9th-ASVAB for Students who Signed Up in Guidance

Nov 16th-Clubs-8:20 - 8:40-Students Without a Club Remain in 1st

Nov 16th-Senior Send Off (Gear Up)

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25th Year Anniversary Celebration This Friday Night!!

Short meeting today at 3:20 in the library for those who are helping with the event.

If any faculty or staff would like to help out, it would be very much appreciated. Please check with anyone on the list below to see where you can help. We need workers for next Friday from 5th block until half time – to help set up , work with each event, and clean up.

Memorabilia Room--Susan Walters, Danita Ellis, Chris Baker and Casey Dalton-

Face Painting--Ashley Cummins

Pumpkin Decorating--Sharon Flynn

Cake Auction--Lisa White

Trick/treat bags--Anita Wilson, Brittany Petrey, Erin Wolf, Heather Tomlinson

Tail gate--Kim Turpen, Connie French

Carmel Apples--Teresa Winget

Yearbooks--Shannon Amundson

Haunted House--Long, Voiers, and Tabetha Whitaker

Try This Out!

Plickers is a simple to use tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for students to have devices. A Plicker is an image similar to a QR code that is printed out (laminate for more durability) and then scanned by the teacher's smartphone or tablet. The answer choice is recognized based on the way the student holds the image.

Check out these easy steps for using Plickers in your classroom posted by EmergingEdTech.com or watch the video posted to YouTube by Blair Lambert.

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Google Classroom Tip--Share Different Sets of Resources and Materials with Students in the Same Class

Google Classroom allows you to assign to your entire class at once or to specific sets of students within the class. This would be a great option for an assignment where different groups worked on separate components and came together as a whole or where different students need to complete different problem numbers on a worksheet. Once you are in the Google Classroom, just select the drop down and select which students get the assignment you are posting. See image below.
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Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.