Technology News

Term 1 Week 3

Technology PD Session

When? Thursday @ 3:15pm in 5C room.
What? * A demonstration of Scootle (takes in all TaLE resources plus provides access to
many more resources from other sites).
* A demonstration of BigMind - Mindmapping app. Great for brainstorming or
organising thoughts on the iPad.
* A look at the Mathletics app. Come along, log in on the test account and see how it
works on the iPad.

Maths Resources

Just a reminder of the many sites available for you to locate resources from for your maths lessons and homework tasks.
Mathletics - A quick link to Mathletics for eBooks, resources, demonstrations and assigning differentiated activities.
Once again we have subscribed to Ideal Resources which provides you with hundreds of interactive resources ideal for introducing topics, demonstrating concepts and assigning as independent tasks during rotational group work.
The Interative Maths wiki space has links to interactive games, Smart Notebook files, apps and assessments related to the content. I'm in the process of moving it all over to a weebly site but until then keep using this link.
Maths starters is a great ways to start your Maths lessons by Simon Job. Simon has recently added a new 'umber of the Day' activity.
Nrich is one of my favourite problem solving sites with activities for all Stages. It's had a makeover recently too!


The Balanced Literacy Diet

I stumbled across the site when looking for some Super Six comprehension strategy resources. There's a lot of interesting reading and resources available.

The Badger Woods

A nice little persuasive text interactive sourced by Steph Westwood.

Words are CATegorical

A cute little cat themed site to complement your grammar program. Parts of speech quizzes, stories and posters.

Comprehension Resources

Some great Super Six resources coming out of the Adelaide education office. Worth looking around the entire site.

The Reading Lady

Comprehension strategies based on the Super Six. Lots of resources here.

Lizzie Chase's Comprehension Trackers

Lizzie has created some comprehension trackers using the continuum. There are also resources to use for each of the clusters.

Across the Curriculum

For Teachers for Students

This site may have some useful resources or links to resources for you or your students. Made for Teachers by Teachers it contains lesson ideas, units, resource links on all KLAs.

Dart Connections

Don't forget to take a look at the Virtual Excursions on offer at Dart Connections. They often have special events where excursions are free during a particular month so check back regularly.

Want to know more?

Misplaced the link to a previous flyer? Head to my Pinterest board where they are all saved -
Want to find some other great Web 2.0 tools or iPad apps? Check out my website -
Got a question? Got a great website/app to share? Want some help with something specific? Send me an email and I will schedule it in to one of our afternoon sessions!