Lesson 13 Cultural Discussion DUE

すいようび (Wednesday)- May 4, 2016

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Today's Important Info:


TODAY, your L13 Cultural Discussion is due. Don't forget to do your 2 comments/replies. Please don't forget to submit this last cultural discussion assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY! As well as all the comments required.

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Ramos san!

You are doing an amazing job in Japanese and you're my youngest student (8th grade)!!! WOW!! WAY TO GO RAMOS SAN! たいへんよくできました! すばらしいです! ^o^

Cultural Discussion Info:


  • Read your cultural notes on: What do Japanese teenagers do for fun? ^o^
  • Your L13 Cultural Discussion is DUE!
  • Don't forget your 2 comments!

IMPORTANT Info about L13 Speaking Assignment info:

L13 Speaking Assignment Info
  • Information on L13 Speaking assignment:
    • You will need a partner for this assignment.
    • Make sure you fill out the wiki with you and your partner's name. :)
    • You can find your partner during your coaching sessions, or you can message your peers through Blackboard messages.

L13 Speaking Info: What you need in your Dialogue
  • In your dialogue you and your partner need to use 4 out of the 5 of the following:
    1. “ Would you…”
    2. Where?
    3. When (day of the week)
    4. Time
    5. “Let’s”

  • Also in your dialogue:
    • Ask when you’re free?
    • You need to have at least 4 lines each in the dialogue.
    • Create your dialogue using Blackboard Collaborate or Blackboard IM with your partner.
      • You will record your dialogue using Blackboard Collaborate.

Grades Information!

Make sure you are checking the "Your Grades" tab to find your grades. Also to view the feedback I've left for your assignments, please be sure to click the blue comment icon next to your grade given. ^_^

*Remember that language coaching sessions are 20% of your grade,
which means if you don't attend one, that can drop your grade a lot! Keep this in mind. Make sure you make up ALL your missed sessions ASAP.

Language Coaching Reminder:

Language Coaching Sessions: Please make sure you attend coaching sessions at your designated time, day, and coach. It's a big part (20%) of your grade, and very important to attend! If you have an emergency and can't attend the session, please email your coach right away to let her/him know.

If you miss a coaching session due to an emergency where you can't make it, please go to the "Your Coach" tab and scroll down to read how you can make up coaching sessions.

Note: If you are doing method #2 of make ups (listening to the recording) Make sure you complete the method#2 form. (Do NOT make this a habit of missing your sessions. If you do, your grade will no longer be a max of 80%. If you do method #2.)
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