Hunter River High School

Pedagogy Power! Term 3 Week 1

Literacy Focus of the Week

This week we have turned full circle with our writing skills we are looking to consolidate our knowledge of simple sentences!

A new Super Six reading strategy starts this week - Monitoring

Monitoring is being aware of your own thinking when you read - its helpful for teachers to verbalise the internal strategies we use when reading for students.

Conjunctions (or connectives) join words or parts of sentences. They link one idea with another to provide a logical flow to a sentence. For example, Eliza and Alice ran across the road.


This week remember...

Tech Top Tip

Have you tried Klikaklu?

This is a great scavenger hunt that you can build and create for students using the class set of i-pads.

Klikaklu: a Brief Introduction

Quality Teaching - Deep Knowledge

Is the knowledge being addressed focused on a small number of key concepts and ideas within topics, subjects or KLAs, and on the relationships between and among concepts?


Why not try:

  • Think/pair/share
  • Stay-n-stray
  • Hot Potato
  • KWL
  • edmodo
  • glogster
  • voicethread


Maker Model - modifications to the content, process and product areas of curriculum.

Content Modifications:

Abstraction - the focus of discussions, presentations and reading materials should be on abstract concepts, themes and theories - going beyond the facts!


This week our focus is on Confidence - Lesson 3

TEDxRyersonU - Dr. Ivan Joseph - The Skill of Self Confidence

Superstars of the Week!