The road of equation access

By Jay

The start

One day, Mark was going on a trip to a place in basketball land. There was one in Cleveland and one in Okland. There were big bags laying on the top of the car ready to go on a road trip to basketball land. "Mom, get the keys please" Mark gradually said as he barely could control his excitement. Marks dad, Leo, was a big basketball fan and he loved the Cavalears. But Marks brother Sam wasn't exactly into sports linked activities. But one thing that Sam was fantastic at was mathematics related topics. Once he sees a math problem he would never let it go. But really, there family didn't really care about Sam because he doesn't like sports. Everyone but Sam was very excited.
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Altho there was a little bit of traffic, they did get to a place to stop by In a restaurant called Borders. That place was literally the most DILLICIOUS place They ever eaten in my whole life. We had some enchiladas and some Medan tortilla dips and it was amazing experience for them. After we took off we saw a sign called "equation road you are headed towards." Literally Sam was so excited to see what will happen next. Mark was like laughing out loud.

The equation enterence code

Everybody was very pissed when they saw an equation enterence and everybody was COMFUSED except for Sam. He wanted to solve the equation only if people respected Sam.

They all was like very sorry and forgot all about Sam so they all said sorry. So the equation was 24x-5=5+24x. There was no distributive property so it's like terms and opposite operation. The answer that Sam came up with was the answer 0. Everybody learned a lesson and Sam was finally happy ever after.