5th Grade ELA

This week in Language Arts...


Reading is the heart of education and the only way to get better at it is to do it. So with the help of BOOKIT Program from Pizza Hut, we will be "Reading our Hearts Out" for the next 6 months.

Every Monday we get new Spelling Words


Go to Quizlet.com and join my class. Mrs. Boop's ELA class 2015-2016. There you will find the week's words and can study and play games.

Complete Subjects and Predicates

Sometimes it is hard to identify subjects and predicates BUT if we know that a subject is a noun and a predicate is a verb, we have a starting point! Have your child practice finding the subject and predicate in any kind of sentence.


Mrs. Boop 5th Grade ELA

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Novel Work!

This week we are reading several stories from Brian Selznick. He is a author and illustrator of his own books! Students will be learning cause and effect, figurative language, synonyms and antonyms along with many others!