Cruise Titanic!

By Aidan Nolte

First Class

For £870/$4,350, you could have a beautifully cold suite as pictured below. It has one bathroom, a walk-in closet, a telephone, and call bells, in case you need something. It's a room that's way above your expectations, and it's sure to suit all of your needs.
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Second Class

Another luxury room, this is a more affordable room for the family that's looking for a comfortable ride to America. It's a homey room with 2-4 beds, a sink and chamber pot for those with seasickness, and a shared bathroom. Good for a family with a baby.
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Third Class

Good for the immigrants looking for a new start. These rooms have four beds, a 3-7 ft. space in the middle, and a sink. A simple room for a simple person.
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