Capstone Project ITC5910

Presentation by Kathryn M Pingel


Create a community of lifelong, collaborative learners, where all teach, learn, and lead through the use of technology.

Purchased 550 Chrome books to place 15 in each classroom and specialty areas.

Support and training on how to utilize this huge technology piece.

Attend training with media coordinator on how to use google tools in classrooms.

Activities and Particpation

Surveys and questionnaires to determine needs of staff done with Google; Training and information sessions offered during grade level meetings and afterschool based on data from surveys; 15 Chromebooks for every classroom, Enrichment activities for students on the Chromebooks; Parent Nights to inform parents on the use of technology


Staff members

Commit to attending trainings; begin to utilize technology in everyday activities and lessons; communicate with parents using technology; sharing and collaborating using technology;


Work individually on projects using Chromebooks; work in small groups creating and sharing projects; use technology in all aspects of the school day; participate in parent nights showcasing skills in technology;