Fidel Castro (Cuba)

Fadel's life

Fidel was 6’3” tall. Fidel had a beard with a mustache. Fidel’s personal magnetism started to show when he was attracted to this new parties campaign against corruption, injustice, poverty, unemployment and low wages. In 1952 he was a superb public and soon built up a strong following amongst the young members of the party. His show of strength started when he was only 13 when he helped to organize a strike of sugar workers on his father’s plantation. In 1953, Castro armed 123 men and women along with himself, attacked Moncada Army barracks.

Fidel’s parents were illiterate and insisted that he would get a good education. He went Jesuit boarding school His ability for sports stood out extremely and in 1944 he was awarded all around best school athlete. After his education he became a lawyer but was constantly short of money because he helped poor clients. Fidel wasn’t to spiritual but when he returned from the university in Havana, he joined the Partido Ortodoxo an anti communist political party. It’s goal were nationalism, economic independence and social reforms.

Castro was very good at public speaking and he easily got the attention of the public. He continued to pursue his political ambitions but general Batista overthrew the government. Castro had strong confidence through his military campaigns.

Castro’s attack on Batista’s barracks failed and he was captured and sentenced to 15 years in prison. When he got out of prison in 1956, he came back to cuba with 81 insurgents but Batista’s forces shortly captured them. Throughout the next two years, Castro’s forces waged guerrilla against the Batista government.

Castro started social reforms to try to overthrow Batista. Also he organized resistance groups. His heroism showed when he continued to carry out military campaigns against Batista’s army. In 1958, Batista's army was overthrown along with Batista and he was sent into exile. During Castro's reign, he started leaning towards communism. He started establishing relations with the USSR. On April 17, 1961 the Americans set out an operation called the Bay Of Pigs because the United States felt threatened by being to close to a communist country. It started to get out of hand when he decided to end all democratic elections. It got worse from there when the soviets placed missiles in Cuba which were aimed directly at the United States. Castro grew closer with the Soviet Union make tension for the U.S. escalate even more. Similar events went on for the rest of his campaign until in 2006 when he gave up his power to his brother because of his poor health.

Video analysis

This video was a short documentary of Fidel Castro and how he got to where he was as a leader. When defeating Batista's army, he gain publicity as a leader to run the country. Fidel was being seeing as a positive because he was doing good things for the country like distributing land back to the people. When the fall of the Soviet Union occurred, Cuba felt the destruction as well by economic collapse along with food shortages. Thousands began to flee the failing country because the government had done nothing. Fidel then gave his power over to his brother temporally because he was ill then ended up resigning in 2008.
Fidel Castro - Mini Bio
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Creative Piece:

This poster shows Fidel Castro posing in front of the Cuban flag. It shows his status as a leader, representing Cuba as a dictator. He looks serious in the photo which may put fear into the public's eyes because they know if they doing anything to go against Castro, he would deal with them.

Essential Question:

Would Fidel Castro continued to reign as dictator of Cuba if they had not gone into economic collapse?

I feel like he would continue to be dictator of Cuba if the economic collapse occurred because he was leading his country strongly and had complete control over everyone. When the collapse and food shortages hit Cuba, he new he was in trouble because everyone was fleeing the Country to go the the United States. At this point he was basically ruined because he government had fallen apart.

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Photo's of Castro

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