Investigating Motion

By: Allayna Adams

About the car we used

The car we used weighed 370 grams. We used weights to add more weight. The weights we used were 16.2 grams. We put 1 weight on per each time we run the car. We also used a stop watch to find out how much time it took the car to get 2 meters with the weight on it.

What was our biggest problem?

We had troubles trying to get the car to go in a straight line. Another thing we struggled with was when we did the tests, the car was going the same side and faster with different types of weights. We tried three different trials to see if they were different, but they all came out to the same conclusion. ¨The more weight we tried to put on the car, the faster the car went.¨ Something that we could have done was to try different cars and different types of weights to see if that would help us find a better conclusion for our Experiment.
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