All about me

sheye skorczewski

The two people that are very important to me

the one of the left is Allen the other on the right is Russle. They are both very trusting i trust them very deeply on things that are very serious or i need help in things that i have trouble in as in school real life problems. I always can count on theses two i knew them for awhile and I'm happy that they are in my life that i can rely on without needed to be scared of hurting me.

The thinking place

yes i have a thinking place we all got to have one either in the shower or out on you're porch. Mine is on the rail road tracks i been there since when i was just a little kid if i don't want to talk to no one i can rely on the train tracks. I love the sound of the rocks when i kick them around and the wind that whistles through my hair. No one is there but the sound of the wind and water that runs from the river.
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this is actually a song but also a quote and i really like it because it explains that i know things will be hard and hurting time but i will never leave so i hope you stay with me

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Three things to describe me

loud, crazy and tacos.

loud i can be loud at times and i really can't be quite sometimes.

crazy I'm fun and i like having really good times.

tacos is because i love tacos they are really good and i like making tacos.

this is the time i realize i have the most beautiful and most funny best friend even though we have a big fights we still come back i write about this moment because i know this was the best moment we had in for awhile.

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my three favorite belongings

1) the ring is from my boyfriend as a promise ring

2) is the jacket i always from my best friend aka boyfriend

3) is my cookie monster outfit because thats my favorite character from when i was little and from now

five favorite songs

paramore: only exception

sugarcult: pretty girl

somo: young and beautiful

sleeping with sirens: kick me

pierce the veil: the first punch

my positive moto

you will fall before you learn how to fly

my five goals

to pass high school

to get in a good collage

a great job that ill love

have a wonderful personality

have great friends by my side

my later for my graduation

i knew you could do it after everyone said you wouldn't. I knew i couldn't give up from making it so far in life even if no one is proud i am of my self people and my own doctors said i would never exceed through life. Im happy that I'm walking down this isle to prove everyone wrong to make it here through all the stress and all the confused math you did it.