Ms. Ajmera's Class

Inspiring Students To Think with Depth and Complexity

Updates from Cohort 3

As you all know the majority of last week was spent at The Outdoor School and then recovering from The Outdoor School. I was happy to hear many positive things about the experience.

  • The kids did finish out the week in language arts investigating the final reading strategy of synthesizing and summarizing. We will start our first novel study on Monday and students will get to apply the reading strategies we have studied. I will assign Unit 2 in vocabulary on Monday and we will grade it in class on Thursday. I will also show the students what I expect on my quote analysis assignment. Lastly, I will introduce our first Philosophy discussion with the question,"Are you a fair and just person?"
  • This week in science students will be given a menu of tasks to complete in the area of force and motion. Please keep sending in your empty two liter bottles so we are well equipped for our upcoming rocket building lesson.
  • In Geography, students went on an atlas scavenger hunt and answered questions about various locations in the world. This week we will continue our study of absolute locations, and Australia. A few more students earned their Australia stamp in their passports.
  • In Math, students got login information for Xtra math and IXL. Student will use Xtra math to help with automaticity of basic math fact. It is crucial for students to be fluent in basic math fact so that their mental effort is free to focus on higher level concepts. I will also start working with small groups on assignments where they will need to apply multiple math concepts.
  • In Life Skills, students worked on identifying their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to oraganization. We also discussed another habit of a scholar, excellence. Students went through their graded work to evaluate whether their work showed excellence and noted what they can do differently in the near future.
  • In Technology, the kids created their first animation that will be graded by the technology teachers.

Dates to Remember and Other iInformation

  • Picture day is on Wednesday. Please return the order form with payment on picture day or sooner.
  • Students must review Edmodo nightly to ensure that all required assignments are complete.
  • I have shared an article on the brain and study tips.
  • Don't panic when you login to Engrade. There are not many grades entered yet. Each class is set for students to earn 1000 points by the end of the trimester. There is plenty of time and opportunity for improvement. However, if you are ever concerned please contact me.