Pre-K 2's Weekly Review

What We Have Learned

This week we completed our unit on Frozen: An Exploration on Snow and Ice. In art we made Olafs with foot prints. Our cooking activity was to frost and decorate the sugar cookies we baked last week. In our sensory table we investigated artic water with ice cubes. In math we compared the sizes of snowmen and snowballs. In circle time we read "A Silly Snowy Day. In our writing center, we explored winter themed flashcards. For our music times we have been singing Christmas advent and winter songs. The class placed pretend presents from the block center around their tree.

Letter Ll and Numbers 1-5 Spotlight

This week we focused on the letter Ll and on new Ll vocabulary words. We played I spy to find letter Ll and words with that letter. We made letter Ll in our snow table with popsicle sticks.

We continued practicing writing, counting, ordering and searching for numbers 1-5. At mealtimes we reinforced one-to-one correspondence skills by setting the tables with the correct number of items for each child.

Learning And Growing In Action

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Looking Ahead

Important Info

Please remember Ms. Ashley and her family in prayer as she is away from Legacy. Let us wish them comfort and peace as they go through this challenging time.

Next Week's Topic: Christmas Traditions Around The World

Show-And-Tell Day: Bring In Something Square Shaped

Wish List: Baby Food Jars

Christmas Pageant: December 22, 2015 from 3-4pm

In light of Ms. Ashley's family emergency, we have decided not to do a nativity play. Instead we will do a Christmas sing along with our classes.

Christmas Holiday: December 24-25, 2015

New Year's Day: January 1, 2016

** I have placed in each child's folder the Preparing For Kindergarten Program enrollment form. The deadline for the program ends this month. If you have any questions regarding the program not answered in the packet, I can make her email available.**