Chinese Schools of Thought.~

By; Ashley Olivencia


Daoism was founded by Laozi in the Qin dynasty. This was a type of government in acient China. The central idea was the BEST governement was LESS governement. They belived in being one with nature and livve a simple life.


Legalism was founded by Hanfeizi. He belived the nature of man is evil and should be punished for what they did. He also belived GREED was the motive for all bad things,This government was forceful and harsh.


This was founded by Confucius. One of the main points of Confucianism is that we should respect our father and mother this act was callaed filiopeity. This governement's mind thought was that it should lead by example.Five Relationships:Father to SonElder brother to younger brotherHusband to wife Ruler to subjectFriend to friend 


Government was founded by Asoka in AD 100. They belived in the "Four Noble Truths" and the "Eighth Fold Path". They thought if they lived a good life and followed these rules they would reach Nirvana and become one with the universe.