The Alchemyst

By: Michael Scott


The Alchemyst by Michael Scott is a realistic-fiction book that takes place in Alcatraz, San Diego, and Ojai California. The plot is to try and stop Dee and the Dark Elders before they destroy the Earth. Will Sophie and Josh be Awakened and be taught in the elemental magics before the world is destroyed. Find out in The Alchemyst by Michael Scott


My highlights were that he wrote the book so that there was a flow between the characters and where they were at. I also liked that there was some good humor in it too.


My lowlights were that Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel didn't tell Josh and Sophie everything at the begging. I also didn't like that Dee would wipe the whole world if he had to just to get the Codex from the Flamels.

Favorite Characters and Why

My favorite characters are Josh and Sophie because they're twins, are always looking out for each other, and are the twins of legend.

Why Should Someone Read or Not Read This Book

Someone should read this book if they like a bunch of action and like a fast-pased book. Someone should not read this book if they don't like a lot of characters and no introduction.