Our Class Newsletter

Ms. Lethbridge's & Mrs. Weiss' Class

Language Arts

Writing Workshop

We spent the first half of the year becoming experts in narrative writing. We published personal narrative stories and even wrote fiction stories (read them on our blog!). Now we are hard at work as information writers, becoming experts on topics so that we can teach others. We are moving through the writing process and will be publishing our own books (using Google Slides!) through hard work and careful research. Keep an eye out for an invitation to our publishing party!

Reading Workshop

Together we have been building our nonfiction reading lives while becoming strong, thoughtful readers who interact with our books. Our unit on nonfiction complements our work in Writing Workshop as we learn how to read like detectives to become experts on new topics.

Nonfiction Readers Read with Power

Ask us to share our nonfiction reading comprehension strategies!


As mathematicians, we are finishing our two-dimensional shape lessons. Ask us to explain polygons, quadrilaterals, symmetry and congruent shapes. We created tools to help us remember how many sides, angles and vertices the different shapes have. We also created charts to distinguish between the different quadrilaterals. We will begin our next chapter on bar graphs and line plots.

Content Areas

Social Studies

We are traveling back in time...to the American Revolution! We have been rotating through literacy based social studies centers to study this time period through paintings, primary documents, and other informational resources.


As scientists, we have finished researching and presenting our climate brochures. Great job class! We are excited to start our new science unit on life-cycles. We will begin with plant life cycle by learning the parts of a seed. We will be growing our own plants and documenting the process. Then we will move on to animal life cycles. Exciting!
Ski club kids...

Check out this awesome video Mr. Joseph made using the GoPro!

Introducing Mrs. Zinni!

Hello! My name is Heather Zinni and I am so excited to be joining the third grade team. I have been working closely with Mrs. Weiss to become familiar with the classroom routines. I will continue to use Class Dojo in the classroom for rewards as well as parent communication. Please feel free to email me hzinni@vtsd.com if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with all of the students. We have so many new and exciting things to learn. We have a great year ahead of us!