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New Registration Tips

Thank you guys for your patience as we have worked to switch over our new registration platform. The new platform was created to make it easier for both you, the athlete, and us, the trainers as we want to be able to plan and provide the best workouts geared to the total number of athletes attending each class.

I created some helpful tips to help you get registered as this is a brand new system for everyone involved.

Once you sign in for the first time and create a profile you are ready to sign up.

1. If you are signing up for the month or wanting to purchase a 20 class pass, child care or drop in you will head straight to the online store. You can use the drop down menu to select your options. All inclusive passes are the semi-annual passes OR you can select to sign up for each month's pass.

**If you are a current semi-annual pass holder you do not need to do anything in the Online store.

2. Next: Go to scheduling and select the "sign up now" button. If you are a current semi-annual pass holder you will select the Register as Unpaid. All others will select make a single reservation.

It is your responsibility to make your reservations for the classes you are planning on attending. Even if you are a 4x a week athletes this is helpful for us not only for planning but also for our back-end records and documentation.

You can set up re-occuring reservations so you only have to do it once or you can also go in weekly and sign up for the classes you know you will be at. This is good for your scheduling as well as holding you accountable to be there at the classes you are signed up for:)

Hopefully the above information helps make the transition a little easier. If you have any questions let Lindsay or myself know.