Garrett Morgan

By: Matthew Meadows

Background Information

Garrett was born March 4, 1877 in Paris, Kentucky. Garrett's Parents were slaves. Garrett grew up in Paris, Kentucky. Garrett's hobby is sewing.Garrett was married to two people Garrett's first spouse was Mary Hosek, and Garrett's second spouse is Madge Nelson. Garrett had three sons. His job was to sew and repair clothes.

Important Inventions and Other Accomplishments

Garrett read a news paper about people dead in a fire. Garrett invented the safety hood in 1912. He made the safety hood to help save life's in a fire. The material he used for the safety hood is mica. Garrett invented the gas mask in 1914. Garrett invented the gas mask to save people in highly toxic gas. He invented the stop light in 1923. Garrett invented it because there were lots of other traffic sings but it wasn't good enough for him. He didn't want car to crash. Garrett worked alone on some inventions. He got a gold medal for bravery. Garrett's education was a sixth grade level.
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