The research behind these two poems.

The origin and history behind acrostic poems.

These poems date back to ancient times. The word "acrostic" first used to describe prophecies of the Eirthaean Sibyl. They were written on leaves and arranged so the first letter formed a word on each leaf. One of the most famous and oldest acrostic poems, is the roman word-square.

What an acrostic poem is and how to write one.

An acrostic poem is where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a word or phrase. The most common or simple form of an acrostic poem is where the first letters of the poem spell out a word or phrase.

Bio poem.

(Line 1) First name (Line 2) Three or four adjectives that describe the person (Line 3) Important relationship (daughter of . . . , mother of . . . , etc) (Line 4) Two or three things, people, or ideas that the person loved (Line 5) Three feelings the person experienced (Line 6) Three fears the person experienced (Line 7) Accomplishments (who composed . . . , who discovered . . . , etc.) (Line 8) Two or three things the person wanted to see happen or wanted to experience (Line 9) His or her residence (Line 10) Last name --------------------------
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