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November 13, 2015

Highlights of Note from Joy Wright, Lead Learner and Principal

National Education Week:

I would love your participation in celebrating the importance of education and hope that you will participate in prompts as they are sent over the week as we join across the nation to highlight the value of education.

Honor Flight Fundraiser:

Please review our Veterans Day focus (here) for the amazing ways our staff and students honored those who have served our country. Because we know that honor is not confined to a day, we encourage you to support our school wide Honor Flight Fundraiser next week, coordinated by the 8th Grade Emerald Team (see flyer below).

Student Led Conferences:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our official student conference days. These conferences will be led by our students which means they need to be in attendance. As is our practice, we will have a survey for your feedback.

Chess Program:

We are trying to get a chess program at KP. If you are interested please help us identify the best day and time by filling out the survey below.


I've included some resources for parents/guardians that may be of interest as we support our students to "stay" Rooted in Character.

Things to KNOW


  • 16th - 8th Grade to the Bushnell - 8:45am - 12:15pm
  • 17th - Parent Conferences - 12:45pm dismissal
  • 18th - Parent Conferences - 1:30pm dismissal
  • 19th - Parent Conferences - 12:45pm dismissal
  • 20th - AMC Testing in 8th grade classrooms - 8 to 10am
  • 20th - Garnet Team Shelter Dinner - 6:15pm

Student Led Conferences - November 17, 18 and 19

We are looking forward to our conference days where the spotlight is on students as they reflect on their learning and progress. Please be sure to schedule an appointment if you haven't already done so. All three WHPS middle schools will participate in this process this fall. If this is still new to you, please see resources here.

Chess Anyone?

Introducing: The King Philip Chess Program!

All students in grades 6 through 8 who are interested in learning to play chess are invited to participate in the introductory session, which will include a program orientation meeting for parents. Practice play and lessons from basic to beginning intermediate chess will be offered. Emphasis will be on developing basic skills and providing the opportunity for at least weekly practice play. The program will be a combination of group lessons and free play.

The program will hold an introductory session on December 15 at 6:00pm to determine students’ interest for a permanent school year-long program for 2015-2016. This would be a fee-based offering. Please complete the form here to indicate interest along with the best day and time.

Send in Donations for our Honor Flight Fundraiser!

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Reading Assessment Information

November/December 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In the next month, your middle school student will take the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test (GMRT) along with all Grade 4-8 students. The GMRT is a research-based, nationally normed reading assessment.

The Gates-MacGinitie will be administered in one 20-minute and one 35-minute session during English-Language Arts classes. This multiple choice test provides vocabulary and

comprehension scores and a Lexile reading level. Lexile level information will support

classroom instruction and reading intervention as well as student and teacher selection of reading materials. Results of this assessment will be shared with you at parent/guardian-

teacher conferences in March.

For further information on the Lexile Framework, please see If you have any questions regarding the Gates MacGinitie assessment, please contact your child’s English teacher or your school’s English Department Supervisor.


Kris Nystrom, Ed.D.

English Department Supervisor, King Philip

Click below for information about the Social Studies Program at King Philip Middle School

What are you doing this weekend?

West Hartford Department of Fine and Performing Arts presents…

I Giovani Solisti
Fall Showcase Concert - November 15th - 7pm - Bristow Middle School

Please click on the link for more information:

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Parent Resources

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Articles to Push Our Thinking

Video for Reflection (2 min)

How to Teach Kids Gratitude - According to Kids

Parent/Guardian PTO NEWS

The Next PTO Meeting is Monday, November 30th.

There will be a student showcase on how they are using Google Applications.

West Hartford Special Education PTO November & December 2015 Event Calendar

Click on the link: for more information.

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