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By Ebelechiyem Okafor

Ever since the Americas were discovered, there has been constant dispute over territory. The biggest countries exploring, Spain and Portugal, have often been the source of this conflict. There is much question as to which country will gain control of the Americas and where they will rule.

In order to preserve their claim, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand have sent a plea to Pope Alexander the VI. In response, the Pope has instituted a revolutionary decree- The Treaty of Tordesillas. This treaty between Spain and Portugal divides the world into two regions. Portugal owns the east, Spain the west. The boundaries are marked by the Line of Demarcation.

The Line of Demarcation serves as a great warning to all nations that they must build their empires quickly, because nations are already laying their claims. It also shows that India and Asia will soon have large Portuguese influences, as the Americas will have a large Spanish influence. However, there is question to how seriously countries will take this decree, especially Protestant ones such as The Netherlands or England.

Adventure is Out There!

Interviews: How the Past and the Present affect the Future

The Defiant King Affonso I of Kongo

By Ebelechiyem Okafor

I recently visited King Affonso I of Kongo, who refused to come to Europe for our interview. As you all know, King Affonso is against the slave trade and wants to end it. I find his opinions quite... interesting.

Ebele(E): King Affonso, I would like to thank you for speaking with us today.

King Affonso: It is not a problem. I would enjoy this opportunity to speak about my ideals and views.

E: Views that, in many Europeans eyes, are controversial.

King Affonso: The whole idea of myself, an educated black king, is controversial to them. What they think does not affect my opinions. I only answer to God.

E: Yes, we are all aware that you are a converted Catholic. King Affonso, for my first question, could you explain your upbringing? I am sure the world would want some background of your past.

King Affonso: Very well. I am not ashamed of my past at all. God has risen me up and brought me to my position. As a young man, I was tutored by Portuguese missionaries. Through this I saw the light of God and became a Christian. I became a king in 1505.

E: King Affonso, why are you so against colonization and trade with Europe?

King Affonso: I am not against trade and relations with Europe. I actually believe that it is essential for us to communicate. My kingdom, subjects, and I could gain much knowledge from the ways of Europe.

E: Then why have you sent King John III of Portugal a letter commanding him to stop all trade and contact between the African natives and the Portuguese?

King Affonso: I have done no such thing. My actions have clearly been exaggerated . I do not appreciated the Portuguese selling a plethora of ware on the docks. Our vassals who were once loyal to us are now disrespectful. It was easier to keep them under our jurisdiction when we had control on materials and goods they needed, but now that the Portuguese sell so much, many of them see no point in obeying us. I do not wish to completely end trade, but I see little need to importing in more than educators, missionaries, and ingredients for the holy sacrament.

E: I understand your point now. Would you care to explain your view on the slave trade?

King Affonso: By taking my subjects, my people, my kingdom is being destroyed. It is not right to take the sons of our noblemen and vassals to be sold into lives of labor. Our land is being depopulated. My people have souls and I write to the King beseeching him to stop it before it is too late.

E: If only King John would listen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts King Affonso. I wish you well.

King Affonso: And you as well.


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Crossword puzzle

By Loredana Mello

Word Bank: line of demarcation, circumnavigate, moluccas, sovereign, boers, outpost, sepoy, goa, quing dynasty, circumnavigate, plantation, monopoly, cartographer, manchus, missionary.

Hint: Answers composed of more than one word have spaces in between the words. For example: "Line of Demarcation" would enter the puzzle with spaces included.


Travel to the Philippines!

By Hana Tabit

Come visit the exotic Asian Philippine islands recently conquered by Spain! See the missionaries where Catholic priests have been converting Filipinos to the holy religion.

Here in the Philippines, progress is always backed by momentum. Only 50 years after Ferdinand Magellan claimed the territory for Spain, the islands had been colonized. Now they service as a well known trading post with Mexico, Peru, and America. The islands are bordered by crystal blue water that is excellent for swimming, and they have quite a diverse landscape that promises adventure for all those who seek after it.


179 Magellan Boulevard, Barcelona, Spain.


Old tools, new improvements

By Loredana Mello

Older maps have pictured Europe quite accurately, but what about the rest of what's out there? For a long time, everyone has seen it as just one big piece of land. But there's more! New discoveries have led to newer, more accurate maps that show what the Earth and all of its continents really look like. Recently, geographer Abraham Ortelius has produced a map that accurately shows all the shapes of the continents and their locations! Another wonderful new improvement is the improvement of the ships these sailors and explorers have been using. They now use the caravel. The caravel is lighter than the old heavy European ships, and can travel much farther. It is also more easily maneuvered and can be taken into places that have not been explored. It is a very exciting time for exploration, and we are all looking forward to what will be discovered next!


The Slave Trade Continues

By Hana Tabit

As always, business is booming for chief slave sellers in Africa. However, the extreme wealth has a larger downside, which phrases ascending issues for the slave trade. The degrading method used to break men into slaves has been publicly opposed and berated by those willing to sympathize. However, despite the lament of powerful African leaders, such as King Affonso I, the exchange continues, expanding into America. There, slaves are worked to help build colonies, if they survive the journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Help Wanted

Gold, God, and Glory!

Needed: Crew members for new voyage!

The nobleman Christopher Columbus, has plans for a voyage the world has never seen before. He plans to find the West Indies. Are any of you men brave enough , because adventure is out there! Serve under the wise leadership of Columbus, a leader who would never put his men near danger if he could prevent it! He is beloved and kind to all natives, always treating them with the upmost care. I tell all of you, the men that dare to take this journey are the men that shall be remembered for eternity.

Positions Needed: Cook, pages, sailors, cleaners, etc.


New import of spices!

A shipment of delectable spices has just come in the other day from India. Among the sweet-smelling spices are cinnamon, cloves, coriander,and sweet nutmeg. Prices may be high, but it is worth it. A whole myriad of spices, different flavors and smells, is waiting to be sold! These are perfect for preserving your meat, simply flavoring your dish, or using in perfume. They are also perfect for incense. Hurry! They won't be around forever and prices will soon skyrocket!

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Up and coming Explorers

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Exploration stops you have to make!

Europe's Cutest King!

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