Ideal President-Joshua James Mackey

Hunter Rowray

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Basic Information

  • Age- 18 years of age
  • Height- 6'1"
  • Weight- 210
  • Political Party- Republican
  • State- Iowa
  • Religion- Catholic
  • Family- Mother - Jennifer Mackey
  • Sisters- Josie and Julie Mackey
  • Disowned Brother- Jesse Mackey

  • Hobbies
  • Playing Football, and Winning state titles
  • Being a beast
  • Playing Call Of Duty
  • Anything that helps the community
  • Helping people who are in hospitals
  • Teaching youth valuable lessons

Political Leadership

Education- Graduated from North Fayette Valley high school, and plans to continue to college at Upper Iowa University

Prior Jobs- Self-employed he knows how to run a business so he will know how to run the government

Has held no offices of the government

Slogan- I may have held and political offices prior to this presidency, but If I am elected I will show you how a government is meant to be run.

Goals While in Office

  • Plans to better educate children by bettering the amount of information taught in schools
  • More renewable energy programs to create new jobs and better environment
  • Lessen the need of foreign oil
  • Will help with all foreign affairs except if it involves war.
  • Ensuring that people get retirement
  • Lowering prices for goods made in America

Controversial issues

Josh has many stances on different issues. This means he believe that some of these issues should turn into laws, for example he believes that abortion should only be allowed in some cases. He also doesn't believe in some controversial issue like the involvement in certain wars.

Vice-President Grumans Basics Information

Age- 36

Height- 5'10.5"

Weight- 143

Political Party- Republican/ Moderate

State- Iowa

Religion- Lutheran

Family- Married for 12 years 2 children

Charlie Gruman- Husband



Anything Outdoors/ Camping


Playing cards

Political Leadership-

Presidents of different clubs and organizations

Girl scout troop leader

Regional Coach of The Year

Volunteer Work

Same stances on issues

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