The Midwest

By: Kaylie Allen


In 1803, the Louisiana purchase put the Midwest under the The United States control. In 1837, John Deere developed the steel plow that was suited to cut the Midwestern sod. The Midwest gave birth to the Republican Party. Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest.
The Midwest's economy relies heavily on farming. Without John Deere and his steel plow, the Midwest may not be able to be used for commercial farming.

while you're in the Midwest, you should visit....

Missouri and Iowa

Missouri and Iowa are two of the states located in the Midwest.


  • Abbreviation- MO
  • Population- 6.064 Million
  • Capital- Jefferson City
  • Resident Name- Missourian
  • Largest City- Kansas City
  • Area- 69,704 Miles Squared
Nickname- Show-Me State

Motto- "Salus populi suprema lex esto"

song- Missouri Waltz

Bird- Eastern Bluebird

Flower-Crataegus Punctata

Tree- Flowering Dogwood

Missouri Flag

The three large stripes are symbolic of the people of the state. The seal in the middle is Missouri's coat-of-arms.


Abbreviation- IA

Capital- Des Moines

Largest City- Des Moines

Area- 56,272 square Miles

Population- 3.107 Million

Resident Name- Iowan

Nickname- The Hawkeye State

Motto-Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain

Song- The Iowa Song

Bird- American Finch

Flower- Rosa Arkansa

Tree- Bur Oak

Iowa Flag

The Iowa flag has three vertical stripes: Blue (Loyalty, Justice and Truth), White(Purity), and Red(Courage). The Eagle in the middle of the flag carries a banner with the state motto on it.