Junior Kindergarten Class News

Learning in Mrs. Hannan's Jr.K 1

Highlights From Our Native American Unit

We learned a great deal about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the First Thanksgiving. We created pinch pots, sewed pouches, and created beautiful Native American Scenes. We even sat down together to write stories about all we had learned about Native Americans.

Our Great Valley Nature Center Assembly

Representatives from the Great Valley Nature Center showed us models of Native American homes, let us try on real Native American clothing, let us play in a wigwam and more!

Our Annual First Thanksgiving Day Feast

We had a "pow wow" and shared food together just like the Pilgrims did during the First Thanksgiving Day Feast.

What's In Store for December

In addition to measuring with rulers, beginning to count coins, and reviewing the sounds of the letters A-M, we will be reading many classic children's books. We will read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and Caps for Sale and accompany these stories with an exciting cooking project. Also, we will be discussing how animals behave in Winter or prepare for Winter and getting ready for the holidays.
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