"Your vote is bull CRAP if it isn't for the Bull Party."

Our Leader: Loseb Besarionis Je J̌uḡašvili

The Bull Party elected Loseb to the leader of the Bull Party because he a dedicated supporter of the party, his political experience, and his strict execution of policy. Loseb is a 33 year old male who attended Gori theological school at the age of 10 and ate the age of 16 got a scholarship to the Orthodox Seminary of Tiflis. Loseb also had an active role in politics throughout his life, like that he was a former Chairman of the council of Ministers. Experience is highly valued in our party because we would not want an inexperienced person to control the country.

The Bull Party Platform:

The Bull Party believes in expanding national defense, increasing guns regulations to people outside of the militia, and expanding criminal punishment in general. The Bull Party also supports national health care, meaning no person will be forced to live without health care, and we also support a slight increase in taxes. The Bull Party is a strong party and we want our country to be the same way. The Bull Party wants decrease involvement with other countries because we believe that a strong country should be able to stand on its own two feet. The Bull Party also believes in cutting environmental regulations so that more businesses will be able to thrive.

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