Perseverance Times

By: Jessica Lee


Many people have a different definition of perseverance like, fighting through adversity, never giving up. My definition is someone who has a lot of strength and courage to fight through anything that comes there way just so they can reach there ultimate goal. Many people have showed my definition of perseverance some like Jackie Robinson,Eleanor Roosevelt,Winston Churchill, and also many others who have might not have been noticed like a girls basketball team in a small town Tennessee who persevered there way to reach there goal of actually being a competitive team and scoring more than they ever have. And they did that with a lot of hope and perseverance in each one of the girls. Perseverance is a very good character trait to have and people who do, make it a long way.

The First Lady of the World


Eleanor Roosevelt is known as one of the first ladies of the world, but she didn't have an easy time getting to that position she had to face a lot of adversity and persevere through it. As a child Eleanor was inadequate to her mother and the kids at her school. Her mother was distant and cold to Eleanor, and the kids at her school called her ugly and teased her. But she always had her father to go to but not after when she was six and he moved to Virginia for his drinking problem, then she had no one. Then after that her mother became ill with painful headaches And finally after a year her mother died. Afterward her brother Elliot, got diphtheria and he too died shortly after. Her and her baby brother Hall had to go live with their grandma. Not long after that her father died. And she had lost three of her family members in a little longer than a year. Eleanor was devastated at her father's death so she often just sat and read. At the same time Eleanor was making no friends at her new school and her and Wall usually ate their meals in silence and never went outside to play. Just before Eleanor was fifteen her grandma sent her to Allenswood, a private school for girls who live on the outskirts of London. She was scared that Allenswood would be the same as all the other schools, people calling her names,teasing her and no friends. Eleanor started working out everyday to become tougher and stronger she woke up everyday and worked out then took a cold shower Finally she built up enough confidence to try out for field hockey. She made the team and played hard that she won the respect of her teammates and actually made friends through field hockey. In 1902 she left Allenswood and came back to live with her grandma. Then her grandma made her go to dances and parties and take her place in the world of wealthy young women. Around the time she was trying to build her name in society Eleanor fell in love. With her fifth cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And on March 17,1906 Eleanor and Franklin got married. In the next two months they had their first baby. The next nine years she gave birth to five more babies with one dying at infancy. But even with all those kids Eleanor and Franklin's relationship grew apart they didn't always have the connection they had at the beginning, but they stayed together through it all. The in 1917 when US entered World War I Eleanor worked and helped soldiers by making them sandwiches or or knitting sweaters. Also got the red cross to make a recreation room to heal wounded soldiers. In 1920 Franklin was elected Vice President and the whole time Eleanor stood by his side doing what was expected. Then in summer 1921 Franklin got sick with polio and no one knew what caused it or how to cure it. Franklin survived but he was paralyzed on the bottom part of him body. Eleanor finally stood up for her ideas and waited for Franklin to get his energy back in 1928 he was elected governor of New York and then elected president four years later. But while Franklin was sick Eleanor got involved with politics too she made fund-raising speeches,helped work of the league of women voters,gave time to the Women's Trade Union League and many more foundations. Eleanor showed all of her new laws to Franklin but in that time he couldn't do anything because the country was in depression. Eleanor helped handing out solo in the charity kitchens. Eleanor was a very noble person and helped in almost every way she could. Known as the first lady of the world, Eleanor died in her sleep on November 7,1962, when she was just 78 years old.

Speaker,solider and many more


Winston Churchill was a speaker,soldier,war correspondent,politician and an historical figure. He was born on November 30,1974. His childhood was mostly him and his younger brother living in his home with his nanny Elizabeth Everest, while his rich and famous parents were all over the world. At age 8 he was sent off to boarding school and then went on to many other military schools after that. In his life he has shown determination, inspirational and important. For example in 1929 when he was held out of government for 10 years he didn't stop. He kept writing and painting and giving speeches out and then he was finally let back into government. This shows determination because instead of just not doing anything and giving up on government and everything he loved to do, he ventured on then was finally let back into government. However he is best known for leading Great Britain out of world war 2. During this time he gave speeches to boost morale to the soldiers and to the civilians of Great Britain. Also he joined forces with the United States and the Soviet Union which saved Britain and all of Europe from the Nazis. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never,never,never,never-in nothing,great or small,large or petty-never give in,except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of enemy.” From this quote we know that Winston Churchill was very determined to win the war and not let anything get in his way and from that he wanted other people to have victory and never surrender. And that is why Sir Winston Churchill is a very important historical figure in our history today.

Changing History

(Cause and Effect)

The game of baseball was changed forever when Jackie Robinson was the first black player to step on the field. This change not only made by Jackie Robinson but also the man who got him there Branch Rickey. Branch Rickey got Jackie to believe in himself and in Branch knowing that they together could change history. First Branch Rickey had picked Jackie to be his "Noble Experiment". As a result of that Jackie had to take all the name calling,racist slurs,jokes and not retaliate. Without the respect of his teammates or other players Jackie held his head high and this lead to breaking down the color barrier in the MLB. The effects of Branch and Jackie working together are very significant. One effect is blacks are now respected equally and fairly in the game baseball. Another result is not only was the color barrier brought down in sports but also just in general people started respecting blacks the way they should be. Because these outcomes Jackie showed people that it is important to believe in yourself and follow your dreams because "A life is not important except for the impact it has on another life." Jackie Robinson.

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Today we can learn that you should never give up on a dream and even if you might loose something or get hurt you still have to fight through the adversities to be able to reach your dream. And if your complacent about something you should fight to make it better. We learn this from the people who have been before that inspire us to be better people and fight for what we believe in.