2022-2023 Uniform/Dress Code

2022-2023 at Edison School of the Arts

Uniform/ Dress Code Policy for 2022-2023

Students are to be dressed in appropriate attire beginning the first day of the school year.


Any solid color t-shirt or solid color polo shirt

  • T-shirts and polos must be completely solid with no logos
  • T-shirts and polos can be short or long sleeve


The Edison logo CREWNECK sweatshirt is the only outerwear permitted during school hours.

  • Edison will provide each student with one crewneck sweatshirt at the beginning of the school year.
  • Additional CREWNECK sweatshirts can be purchased on the Edison spiritwear website at https://www.edisonspiritwear.com/
  • The cost of sweatshirts has not been determined but should be between $25-$35
  • No sweaters/sweater vests/jackets or coats are permitted to be worn during school.


All pants, skirts, jumpers, and shorts must be:

  • Solid in color (no designs, dots, stripes, camo, rips, tears, holes , fake rips or holes or multicolor)
  • No shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • Worn at the waist and not sagging. Pants that are too big must have a belt.
  • No sweatpants/sweatsuits, jogging pants/suits, warm-up pants/suits, athletic pants/shorts

Styles of PANTS/SKIRTS/JUMPERS/SHORTS that are permitted are:

  • Cotton/poly blend uniform pants-solid color
  • Joggers-solid color
  • Leggings-solid color
  • Jeans-solid color
  • Jeggings-solid color


A variety of spiritwear will not be sold during the 2022-2023 school year. The only item available for sale is the Edison Crewneck Sweatshirt. Any spiritwear ordered from previous years may be worn during the 2022-2023 school year as it is phased out. Handmade items that have the Edison logo are strictly prohibited.

*Spiritwear will not be permitted to be worn during school hours beginning the 2023-2024 school year.


Shoes and boots must have closed toes.

  • Tennis/Athletic/Gym shoes are preferred.
  • Crocs are permitted.
  • No slides or slippers will be permitted


Students can wear any color of socks but tights must be a solid color.


All performance polos will be loaned out to students on the day of the performance and returned the same day. Edison will launder all polos for reuse. There will be no purchase necessary.


Belts are not required but pants must be worn at the waist. Pants that sag must be worn with a belt at the waist.



The terms of this program will be outlined by the Edison Parent Group.


✖ No clothing (such as shawls) can be worn over pants, skirts or shorts

✖ No Handbags, purses, totes, or fanny packs

✖ Backpacks for Middle School must not exceed 8.5” x 11”

✖ Blankets cannot be worn as wraps or coats

✖ No items can be worn on the head (e.g., shower caps, sleep bonnets, scarves, doo rags, etc.) without permission from the school


The following articles of clothing or styles of dress are strictly forbidden at Edison or while attending athletic events or other school-sponsored activities during school hours:

✖ Handmade Edison logo shirts or sweatshirts are not permitted

✖ Pants will not have any holes, designs including stripes, dots or camo, or more than one color.

✖ No sweaters/sweater vests/jackets or coats are permitted to be worn during school.

✖ No hats or hoods worn in building during the school day

✖ No denim jackets

✖ No oversized pants

✖ No pants worn below the waist or “sagging”

✖ No overalls or coveralls

✖ No sweatpants/sweatsuits, jogging pants/suits, warm-up pants/suits

✖ No leather or faux leather pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers

✖ No tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, mesh tops, midriff tops, spaghetti strap tops

✖ No sleeveless tops

✖ No sunglasses

✖ No pajama tops or bottoms

✖ No flip-flops/slippers/sandals/bare feet/exposed toes

✖ No “heelies” or “wheelies” (i.e., athletic shoes with skates)

✖ No clothing or other item with offensive, lewd, vulgar, obscene or hate language, slogans or pictures

✖ No buttons, jewelry or other accessories containing lewd, vulgar, obscene, hate, or offensive messages or pictures or which advocate or advertise the use of drugs or alcohol

✖ No secret society, fraternity, or sorority symbols or lettering

✖ No hair rollers, combs, picks, or cosmetology clamps

✖ No scarves, head rags, doo rags, bandanas, sweatbands, hats, caps, or other head coverings (Note: Certain religious customs are permitted by approval of the school administration, e.g., Muslim female head coverings, Jewish male head covering)

✖ No visible underwear/briefs, thongs, bras, or other clothing items considered by the principal to be undergarments

✖ No clothing altered by cuts, slits or holes or that in any way exposes the skin

✖ No detachable gold teeth (unless required by a dentist with written documentation on file)

✖ No grills or fangs

✖ Sweatshirts worn inside out

2022-2023 Uniform Policy Clarification

1. In the policy it states students may wear joggers. This does not mean athletic joggers or sweatpants. We specifically state no athletic joggers. We are talking about the kind of joggers that are made of uniform pant material and have elastic at the ankles.

2. All students should have a backpack. Only 7/8 will be permitted to carry their backpack around.