Truth to the Japanese

Truth Should be the Standared

The Japanese were unfairly treated throughout the duration of World War Two, which lead to a rise in propaganda that aimed to give a false impression that they were willingly going to poor quality internment camps. Everything seemed so great for the 'Japs' while in reality they were mistreated and forced to do things against their will.

The Japanese and Americans are "Friends"?


"The Japanese and Americans are friends! Just look at the two boys!" The two boys pictured show the peace and positive relationship of these two nationalities in America. This photo provokes much thought on the "good" interconnectedness of those two. But in reality there is a serious conundrum behind the papers and headlines. After the Japanese had returned from their time in the internment camps, they came home only to find their belongings trashed, stolen, and vandalized. But obviously this photo (see below) would not make the papers. The propaganda aimed at creating a friendly environment between the two groups. Meanwhile the real relationship was one of hate. Complete opposites. The people truly have no idea of the horrors that go on during this time period.
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Volunteer Work

This is a photograph depicting how Japanese children pledged their allegiance to the United States of America. Upon glancing at this piece of propaganda, one would assume that the Japanese would voluntarily go to camps because of their love of their country. While in reality they were forced to relocate. This demonstrates how the American people were led to believe that Japanese wanted to leave because of their country but the really had to do so because of the government.
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Many Americans had the perception that the camps were a friendly environment for everyone. This is clearly not so. This picture can easily be mistaken for a prison. And this was the home for thousands of relocated innocent Japanese people. They had no say in whether or not they they were allowed to leave or return to their homes. So rather then volunteering to leave, as depicted in the previous photo, they were forced to live in below average living conditions even though they were not charged of anything.
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