Closing and Opening Routines

For Associates

"Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!"

Opening Associates

1. Clear all "Go-Backs"

2. Check "Zoning Schedule" and zone for 1 hour

3. Rotate between zoning your areas, customer service, and "Go-backs"

4. Be sure to give a "clean" hand-off to your closer! A clean hand-off is a nicely zoned area with no "Go-backs" :)

Closing Associates

1. Rotate between zoning, customer service, and "Go-backs"

2. Be sure to give a "clean" closing hand-off to our openers! A clean closing hand-off is a nicely zoned store with no "Go-backs", all racks aligned, all clothes neatly hanged and folded (off floor).

Remember, Teamwork makes the Dream Work! :)