Parabola Project

By: Chris Goldman and Spencer White


  • Graph in inches
  • Numbers Rounded
  • Coordinates rounded to: (0,0),(1,4),(2,5),(3,4),(5,0)
  • Vertex: (2,5)
  • Roots: (0,0),(5,0)
  • Standard Form: y=-0.83x^2+4.1x+0
  • Vertex Form: y=-1(x-2)+5

Answers to questions

  • The water coming out of the spout represents one of the roots, or where the parabola starts.
  • It's one of the roots of the parabola and is necessary for the standard equation.
  • The maximum height of the water is 5 inches.
  • It hits the tray 5 inches away from the spout.
  • The domain for the parabola is [5,0]. Part of the domain is the distance away from the spout.
  • The range of this parabola is [0,5]. It's the height from the tray to the vertex of the water.