One of the Most Vibrant Species on Earth!

Fun Facts!

  • This poisonous frog varies in many different colors and patterns. It can grow to be about one to two and a half inches. Some are the size of quarters.
  • The frog is also known as the poison arrow frog after Amerindian tribes used the poison from the frogs on darts to kill other species.
  • In captivity the frogs are not toxic.
  • Can live more than ten years in captivity.
  • More than one Hundred different species of this frog.



The poisonous dart frog only has one known predator natural predator. It is a species of snake called the Leimadophis epinephelus. This specific snake managed to develop a resistance to the toxic venom the frog gives off. Another threat is the destruction of rain forest habitat which has made the frog become endangered along with many other rain forest species.

The Golden Poison Dart Frog

This is one of the few poisonous frogs that can be extremely harmful to humans. This specific frog is considered one of the most toxic animal species the earth has. The amount of venom the Golden frog has can kill ten grown humans! The frog will eat flies, ants, termites, beetles, and crickets. They are located in a smaller rain forest on the coast of Columbia and have been placed on the endangered species list.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

This specific dart frog is recognized for its extremely bright blue color and its poison that is capable of killing a human. It is located in very small patches of rain forests on islands in Sipaliwini savanna of southern Suriname. This frog eats mainly the same insects as the Golden poison dart frog. Although adult dart frogs are not easily preyed upon, the tadpoles often are eaten by other amphibians, The population is not easily monitored due to location of the islands but it is always in danger of natural factors and human error.
Blue Poison Dart Frogs are Awesome