Aerospace Engineering

By: Lorenzo Ramirez

What is Aerospace?

Aerospace Engineering is a division of engineering that focuses on the design of aircraft and spacecraft. I am interested in pursuing this field because I would like to design air crafts and other vehicles. I would also like to test prototypes in a wind tunnel and learn more about aerodynamics.

On a typical day

On a typical day, and aerospace engineer might design/sketch new ideas for an aircraft. They also might think how make planes safer/more efficient and conduct research about manufacturing, concepts, safety, etc...


The median annual wage for aerospace engineers was $103,720 in May 2012. A compensation study published by Aviation Week in 2012 found that average annual pay among aerospace engineers was $71,859 at the entry level. If you are an engineer with years of experience, depending on what industry you work in, you can usually make around $100,000 a year.


A bachelor's degree in aeronautical or aerospace engineering is usually required, although some employers may accept an equivalent degree in a related field. For some positions, professional engineering licensure is required.