Nuclear Energy

It's time to give a misunderstood energy source a chance

A World Without Power?

After hurricane Katrina, nuclear facilities were able to come back online after just two weeks, due to their robust infrastructure. However, other energy power plants were still offline after months.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Nuclear energy costs 1.7 ¢ per kWh, as compared to coal energy, which costs 2 ¢ per kWh, gas power at 5.7¢ per kWh, geothermal energy at 6-8¢ per kWh, wind energy at 11.5¢ per kWh and solar energy at 12-30¢ per kWh.

Green Is Good

James Lovelock, a founder of Greenpeace said, "Only nuclear power can halt global warming," because it does not emit any carbon dioxide, the main contributor to climate change. Unlike other green power alternatives, nuclear energy is also readily available since uranium can be extracted from land mines and seawater.

Now Is the Time for Change

The amount of fossil fuels left in the world is finite; it is predicted that by 2088, oil, gas and coal deposits will be completely depleted. While alternative energies are being researched and utilized alongside nuclear energy, nuclear energy provides more than 11% of the world's total energy. There are 430 operating nuclear facilities in 31 different countries, and 70 more are under construction. In the US, one in five houses are nuclear-powered.
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Nuclear Energy Commercial