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Sunday, September 18

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Happy Sunday Families,

I’m so excited to be taking over this newsletter! As an Eastvale community member and parent of students who attend CNUSD schools, I recognize that you entrust us with your most precious gifts each day you drop them off at our front gates. That is not something we take lightly. Thank you for allowing us to love, nurture, coach, and teach your children. I know the saying “it takes a village” is often overused without intention, but trust me when I say thank you for allowing us to be part of your village.

For this week, I want to write about a serious and solemn subject in recognition of suicide awareness month. I know as a parent, I often believe that these things cannot happen to me. I tell myself that I have provided a stable and loving home for my children. That I have gone above and beyond to protect them from the dangers of the world. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least recognize that our young people are dealing with many factors that I have little control over. I have little control over who finds them online and “befriends” them. I have little control over the decisions that others make which directly impact their safety and happiness. But what I can control, is how I choose to inform myself and the way I create opportunities where my children can entrust me with important moments and information in their lives.

What we know is that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America. Between the ages of 15-24, it is the 3rd leading cause of death. In many ways, the pandemic exacerbated feelings of isolation, loneliness, loss, and fear among our young people. We continue to see the direct impact in our schools today with more students needing referrals for mental health counseling. What we must be aware of as parents is that depression, anxiety, thoughts of self-harm, reliance of substance abuse are concerns impacting our students today. Students may not experience these behaviors themselves, but they will most likely know someone who does. We must be vigilant in how we protect, inform, and support our children. And, the good news is, together we can help!

As a parent, here are some signs that your child may be struggling with mental health:

  1. A change in mood or personality
  2. Withdrawal or isolation from family and friends
  3. Increase in risky behavior or judgement
  4. Decline in school

Now it may be difficult to discern some of these behaviors from typical teen angst; however, you know your children the best. And you know when something seems "off." Continue to talk to them about things that matter, even the tough stuff. It may seem like they are not listening, but we must continue to talk nonetheless. Encourage them to report if they or a friend are in need of support. Tell them and show them how to do this. Loving our children is giving them what they need, not always what they want.

Most importantly, let them know they are never alone and someone in their village will always leave a light on.

Parents, if you are looking for support on how to have these conversations with your children, please reach out us. This village will always take care of their own.

Human Kind ~ Be Both

Here's to a fabulous Week #7 and intentionally being kind!

Mrs. Kim Kemmer

Assistant Principal


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FREE Online Tutoring!

Does your child want to learn more about math or language arts, but they're struggling to make sense of the subject on their own?

Good news: every Californian can now access free online tutoring at any hour of the day, thanks to a new initiative offering educational resources to K-12 students and adult learners.

The resource is part of an investment in public libraries announced Monday by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Learn more about the HelpNow tutoring program here.

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Eighth Grade Announcement

Hello 8th Grade Families,

We want to invite you to John F. Kennedy Middle College High School prospective parent and student information night on September 21, 2022 beginning at 4pm on the JFK campus. You have the opportunity to meet both JFK and Norco College staff, current students and tour both campuses on this evening.

Please sign up for your desired time and learn more about how your student can take college courses at Norco College all while completing a high school diploma - FOR FREE!

We would love to meet you and your student, so join in to learn more!

John F. Kennedy Middle College

Small School. Big Opportunity.

Questions? 951-738-2200 or check us out on Facebook @jfkmiddlecollege or instagram and twitter @jfkmchs.

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Mark your calendar!

Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate is partnering with Chick Fil A for a dinner fundraiser! On Tuesday, October 4th from 5pm-8pm head on down to Chick Fil A on hamner in Eastvale. If you are able to make it, let them know are visiting in support of Ramirez Intermediate School.
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Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) takes place September 15 to October 15 every year as a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of the American Latino community.

-U.S. Department of Education

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After School Clubs

Ramirez Intermediate after school clubs have started! Be sure to communicate with your child about what club they will be a part of, so you are aware of where they are after school.

See the updated flyer below to view the days and times of clubs.

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School-wide Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser is here!

Learn more about our fundraiser by watching a short 2-minute video. By following the simple steps you will help our school meet our financial goals!

All we ask is that you REGISTER, SEND, SHARE, and SHOP (easy as 1, 2, 3!). It only takes minutes and will help our school’s fundraiser be a success!

Please click HERE watch our 2-minute video to learn more.

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Saturday Catchup!

Does your child need extra time to complete work? Do they need to bring up their grade? Have them join Catchup Saturday!

Saturday Catch-Up is from 8-12. If you sign up to attend, you must come for the entire 4 hours. During this time, you can work on missing/incomplete assignments for most of your classes. Often, a teacher will only accept a missing assignment for full credit, after a Saturday Catch-Up is attended. We will have teachers available to help you as needed.

All students must be picked up NO LATER than 12PM.

A link will be sent out a week before to let students sign-up from their CNUSD account.

See the dates below:


  • 1-Catch Up Saturday
  • 22-Catch Up Saturday


  • 5-Catch Up Saturday


  • 3-Catch Up Saturday
  • 10-Catch Up Saturday


  • 4-Catch Up Saturday
  • 25-Catch Up Saturday


  • 11-Catch Up Saturday
  • 25-Catch Up Saturday


  • 15-Catch Up
  • 29-Catch Up Saturday


  • 13-Catch Up Saturday
  • 20 Catch Up Saturday
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Reflections Art Program

The Corona Norco Council of PTAs would like to announce the 2022 Reflections Arts Program ""Show Your Voice..."
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Missing two days of school a month is missing 10% of the school year! That's a lot! If your child is not sick, encourage them to be at school every day. When a child misses school, they miss out!
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Welcome Packs are Available to Purchase!

Our Welcome Pack is $25 and it includes:

  • Shirt
  • Lanyard
  • Sticker
  • Bracelet
  • Snack
  • Water

If you would like just a t-shirt, you can purchase one separately for $15.

Items can be bought after school in room C-23.

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Yearbooks are on sale!

The link to pre order your 2022/2023 Ramirez Yearbook is now open!
8th Grade Dedication Link

Want to place a dedication to your 8th grade student? Information is available on the attached PDF. Space is limited. Early bird specials are available for those who complete their dedication before November 10, 2022.

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Safety and Health

Student Drop-offs in the Office

We understand students may forget items at home, but we would greatly appreciate it if student drop-offs can be kept to a minimum. Students who have items dropped off in the office will be called on the intercom during passing period. Please refer to our school office guidelines below:

  • Our office will not be accepting money to give to students.
  • Students are not to have fast food lunches dropped off on campus.
  • Food from Doordash, UberEats and other delivery services are not accepted.
  • Students will not be called out of class to pick-up items.
  • No Cellphone Drop-offs.

Safety Concern: Please do not ask your child to meet you in the front office during passing period and/or their lunch time. We ask all visitors to check-in in the front office with their ID

Thank you for your cooperation in minimizing disruptions to the school day and following our safety guidelines.

Checking Out Students Early From School and Visitors

  • Any individual picking a child up early from school needs to be an emergency contact and have an ID to sign-out a child. (Students will not be released to anyone that is not on the emergency list and/or do not have an ID.).
  • Our office staff will not be accepting over the phone verification of emergency contact updates.
  • All visitors need to check-in with our front office staff, scan their ID and wear the given visitor badge.
  • Students are not be picked up after 2:00pm on regular schools day and not after 1:10pm on early release Wednesdays.

*Please ensure the emergency contact information in Parent Connect is updated to avoid delay when picking up your child early.

Update your Parent Connect Emergency Contact Information:


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CNUSD School Safety Update

What type of communication can you expect in an emergency?

In the event of a major emergency on a school campus, school site administrators, law enforcement, and district administration will work together to first and foremost secure our campuses and ensure student and staff safety. In addition, parent communication will be a top priority. Parents can expect to receive information via text, phone calls, and email in a timely manner. Please be sure to check your Parent Connect account to ensure your contact information is accurate and up to date.

We know that information spreads rapidly and rumors often hit home, prior to official messaging and we would like to remind families that the first priority is student safety, followed closely by quick and accurate communication. We encourage parents to also follow the District and our local law enforcement partners on social media for the latest news.

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Mental Health Resources

Need Help?

CNUSD is here to support you.

Your family can access our free tele-health and virtual therapy resources made available through our partner Care Solace. Those in need of support may contact Care Solace 24/7 at 888-515-0595, email weserve@caresolace.org, or access our district’s unique page: www.Caresolace.com/cnusdfamilies.


  • Parents/Guardians who are interested in supporting our Wolves on campus or as a chaperone can follow the district procedures on volunteering on the CNUSD website. Please click the link: Volunteer Information

Student News

Here is the latest: Wolves Weekly #3. Be sure to remind your child to check their email daily, so they don't miss out on important information!
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PTSA Membership

By purchasing a PTSA membership, you help support Ramirez students, teachers, staff and the community. Past activities have included blood drives, food drives and on campus festivities like dances, assemblies, ice cream socials and more! Please join PTSA by visiting Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School PTSA

Memberships are $10. Please buy one for every member of your family. Funds support Ramirez Intermediate and its students!

CNUSD Child Nutrition

Click the link to view our breakfast and lunch menu for the month!

Child Nutrition Services

Parent Center News

Please take a moment to navigate the Parent Center website as it provides community resources and information on family workshops.


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2022-2023 School Calendar

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Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School