Mid Week Reminders

Walk to School, Field Day, Puberty Talk

Walk to School Day is Tomorrow!

We are inviting you to participate in our Spring Walk to School Day Tomorrow, May 6th. If your child already walks or bikes to school, we ask that they do the same on May 6th. For all students and parents who are interested in participating in the walk but do not live in walking distance of the school can meet at two locations: the parking lot at Weaver Park, or in the parking lot at Fuddruckers on Charlotte St. Staff members will be at both locations by 7:15. We will leave both locations at 7:30 en route to Claxton. Parents are more than welcome to walk with us to school but are not required to. We look forward to seeing each of you walking to school this Wednesday.

Field Day Permission Slips Needed ASAP

We would like to remind all families to return their child’s permission slip for Field Day which is next week. We still have slots to fill for volunteers at stations. If you are interested, please put your name in the Google Doc that went out last week or contact Coach Swain at 350-6532. Thanks so much and have a great evening.

Growth & Development Class (Puberty) Talks

Today we sent home a letter from ACS on white paper. It is a permission slip for your child to attend the Growth & Development Talk. Your child will not be able to attend the program without a permission slip. The program will cover the emotional and physical changes of puberty. The program will be taught by a health education instructor who is very experienced in talking about the subject to kids this age. The boys and girls will be seperated- with a teacher and the instructor in the room.

This will be happening on 5/14 (Next Thursday). One group will go from 9-10am, and the other from 10-11am. If you have any questions about this you can call/email me. If you have specific questions about what will be discussed- and you'd like an outline of the lesson- contact Michele Lemell @ 828-350-6150, michele.lemell@asheville.k12.nc.us