Any Which Wall

Laurel Snyder

The Book

Do you like books with Mystery and suspense well than this is the perfect book for you.
Any Which Wall is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and there is plenty of cliffhangers. This book is Fiction. The characters are Susan(13), Roy(10), Henry(10), and Emma(6). The settings include Camelot in 1600s, Quiet Falls (a neighborhood), the days pirates ruled, New York, a field, and Quiet falls in pioneer times.My favorite character in the book is Henry. He is always prepared for action and smart in tough situations.

The Beginning.......

In the beginning of the book the children go and explore the town they live in to try to find some magical things. Then in an open field they mysteriously find a wall, a plain wall just sitting in the field. The kids go down to investigate the wall. Roy finds a skull key, Henry finds a key hole, and Susan finds a writing on the wall. All day the kids try figure out what it does. Then Roy puts the key in the key hole and turns it to try to figure out what the wall does. Then Susan says"I wish I was a Annebell's dinner then, the book to find out what happens to the kids.

My Recommendations

Why I recommend this book

I recommend this book to all readers because it is really funny, and one of my favorite books. It is not to long for little kids and not to short for older kids. Laurel Syder has made plenty of books such as "Up and Down The Scratchy Mountain and Inside the Slidy Diner.