Dunkin' Donuts

The world runs on donuts.

Donuts wake you up!

Scientist studies have shown the in the early mornings people gravitate towards donut shops. People crave the sugary, sweet taste of donuts. The taste is found to wake people up and get them through the day.

What goes good with donuts?

The price for coffee is going down. Which means the demand for donuts are going up. When you come in and get a cup of out delicious and cheap coffee you will not be able to resist our donuts.
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Organic Coffee

Many businesses just gave their people a raise of 1000 dollars plus which means they are more likely to come to Dunkin' Donuts and buy our more expensive organic coffee. Our organic coffee is healthy and tasty! It is worth every penny. The more money we bring in with our organic coffee the more we are able to pay our very deserving and hard working staff.
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Hurry and get your donuts!

In our more populated locations the demand for donuts are increasing and fast! Young families are moving into cities like Friendswood causing our shop to fill up with children. Dunkin' Donuts is the perfect place to stop on your way to school or work and get a wonderful breakfast.

Future Plans

Dunkin' Donuts is expecting the price of flour to increase by 20% in two weeks. Unfortunately, this will cause the price of our donuts to increase. We eventually hope the demand for flour will decrease, but for the time being the price for donuts per dozen will increase but 20%.
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