SchoolMail365 Training

Why do students need email?

  1. Read the Blog article: 6 Reasons Why Students Need 21st Century Skills
  2. Essential Standards by grade level
  • Yellow highlights standards student email could teach and/or reinforce
  • Pink highlights standards Google Drive could teach and/or reinforce

What is SchooMail 365?

  1. Gmail that is filtered by ePals
  2. Provides safe, secure, monitored email and online communication resources for students, parents, and educators across your school/district
  • Accounts are created for students in grades 2-12 in our district
  • Students must have a signed COPPA form on file to be granted an account

3. Enhances communication and collaboration by providing users with:
  • Safe, communication and collaboration by providing users with:
  • A secure online environment with tools to exchange educational content and best practices.
  • Opportunities for global collaboration with peers from around the world in the ePals Global Community(TM)

Our SchoolMail 365 Settings

a) All email communications are filtered

b) All students have an assigned moderator

c) Classroom teachers are moderators for their students
d) Communications may be moderated or monitored

  • Moderated mail requires action - must accept or reject moderated messages
  • Monitored mail does NOT require action - moderators simply receive a carbon copy of all monitored mail to refer back to if needed
  • Emails can be whitelisted or blacklisted as needed
e) Our school settings are currently set to the following:
  • Emails that include "stop words" are moderated and require action
  • Emails that include attachments, media or otherwise, are monitored and do not require action in order to be sent --cc's are retained in the moderator's account
  • Student's can emil other students and teachers across the district and can send/receive email from the internet

Student Accounts

  1. Loggin in - students will log in at
  2. Email address is the first 2 letters of student's first name, first 3 letters of student's last name and last 3 digits of student's ID number followed by
  3. Password is Wcs followed by student's birthday with no leading zeros (i.e. March 3, 2003 password would be Wcs332003) - do not allow students to change this password
  4. Email has the look and feel of Gmail with the added enhancement of ePals monitoring and filtering
  5. What if a student's account doesn't work?

Teacher Accounts

  1. Add an account to enable toggling back and forth between different account
  2. Email address is WCS username followed by
  3. Password is a generic password and is included on class spreadsheets - do not change this password
  4. Use this account for communications with students

Organize Teacher/Moderator Mail

  1. Create label for Moderated Mail and Monitored Mail
  2. Set a filter for Monitored Mail to skip the inbox and be archived in the Monitored Mail label
  3. All moderated mail will come to the Inbox - after accepting or rejecting move those to the Moderated Mail folder


  1. Import contacts using class .csv file
  2. Create a group or distribution list for your class
  3. Import other classes you might want to communicate with
  4. Students may also import contacts into their accounts as well.

Using Drive

  1. Google Drive content is NOT filtered
  2. Keep professional and students drives separate (i.e. share files with students through your account