An amazing animals

Hadar Hollander


Meerkats live mainly in the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa.

Meerkats typically eat mice , insects , lizards , bird eggs , nestlings , roots , plants , snakes and scorpions and sometimes even birds .

There are places where people believe Meerkats keep them from demons and monsters .

Meerkats can't survive in cold areas.

Description meerkat

  • Meerkats have dark spots around the eyes and it is believed that these spots help prevent radiation from the sun
  • The meerkat's Body is flat and broad , it has short legs with long claws that allow it to dig into the ground to search for food .
  • Another major feature are the dark stripes across the back . The tail's end is long and dark . But its eyes are dark surrounded by a white mask that stretches from the ears to the nose.
The Lion King 3 - Diggah Tunnah (English)

Why I chose meerkats ?

I chose it because it is my favorite character in the movie The Lion King .

I think it is a beautiful animal because it digs holes all the time .


Meerkats, Ferret

They are similar : Both mammals and predators.

They are different: meerkats-Meerkats have dark spots around the eyes.

ferret-It goes on four legs.

A pet

I would like to have it as a pet because it's cute and it can help me hide in a hole playing hide and seek.