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April 7, 2016

New Consultant Incentive!

Consultants who join this season have a new incentive to rock their first 120 days – the Away We Go StartSwell Bonus!

Any Consultant who joins between April 16 and July 20, 2016 and submits $1,000 in Personal Volume during ANY StartSwell level will earn the Away We Go Roller in City Charcoal Swiss Dot. That’s in addition to all of the other great products included in each StartSwell kit!


Spring Gift Guide

Whoo hoo! Some new goodies for Spring!

March 15--Guide will be posted on TOT

April 1--Items will be available for purchase

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Registration Has Begun!

Check your email for your invitation to register. Registration is a super affordable $99, the second best $99 investment you will make.

Team THIRTY wONderfuls has a FB Group for conference attendees. Let your Director know if you would like to be added.

Visit the Conference 2016 page on TOT for all the details, including why you should come to Conference, what you’ll learn, which Conference you should attend – and much more. Registration opens March 3 for all Consultants, but you’ll want to read our Conference FAQs for your specific registration date and time.

April Specials

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May Specials

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* NEW* Hostess Exclusives

Team Facebook Page

So many things happening these next few months! Remember to check TOT: AND if you aren't on our team Facebook page.....join us at: