Werner's Weekly News

November Update

Class Happenings

The kids had a wonderful thankful feast before break. They worked in stations with each 1st grade teacher on Monday to make pumpkin bread, corn casserole, cranberry salad and placemats. They gathered in the cafeteria on Tuesday to enjoy their feast foods. We made a whimsical turkey craft before break and wrote about our family Thanksgiving traditions.

Brain Pop

Before break we visited the computer lab and I showed the class how to log in to Brain Pop. All students have a Brain Pop account. To log in students will use their usual ZCS username (first name-last name) and the password is eagles followed by their lunch pin. There is not a space between eagles and the pin. If you have issues logging in, please let me know. This is a great website for learning about social studies and science topics and the kids enjoy the brief videos and quizzes.

Dry Erase Markers

We are starting to run low on dry erase markers because we use them so much to show our learning and practice. If you are willing to donate black low-odor Expo or Target brand (up&up) markers to our classroom supply it would be greatly appreciated. I find that these brands last the longest, erase cleanly and are low odor.

Mrs. Radivan Visits Our Classroom

Our counselor, Mrs. Radivan, will be visiting our class each month to present lessons that address issues of tolerance, diversity and respect. Last month, students learned that it’s our differences that make us all unique and interesting and that one great way to try to understand people who seem different is to “walk in their shoes”. Lively discussion took place as students shared what “walking in another’s shoes” might mean. Final thoughts centered around the fact that when you take time to understand others and think about what it would feel like to be them, you will be showing your kindness, learning about others and being a good friend!