How Does Foreign Culture Affect Us?

How cultural diffusion affects the world.

How did different civilizations spread their culture?

Different civilizations around the world spread their culture differently. The Romans captured land and developed advanced governmental systems. The Romans let certain people vote for representatives. Though there have been many changes, the Romans' systems helped influence our government. The Greeks spread their culture to Asia and Europe by creating a long lasting influence.
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Why Is Cultural Diffusion Important?

Cultural diffusion is important because it is the reason that we have such a diverse and rich culture. In America we have people everyday coming to our country and embedding their culture into ours. People say that America is a melting pot. That means that different people are coming together and we are melding into a diverse, united country. Others say that America is becoming a tossed salad. That means that they believe that people in America and people that are coming to America are not coming together, instead we are developing a trail mix of a culture. Cultural Diffusion is when different cultures interact and their cultures "rub off" on each other. Cultural diffusion is very important to ours and all countries.

How does foreign culture affect other people?


Americanization is when America affects other cultures. Americanization is just a specific form of cultural diffusion. America affects other cultures more than we know. For example, sometimes when people in Japan go to Pearl Harbor movies that were made in America, Japan is presented as the enemy. If they do not have much knowledge about Pearl Harbor then they may start to see Japan as the enemy along with the Americans. This is one form of americanization.

So, what exactly does culture affect?

The better question would be what doesn't culture affect! Culture can affect lots and I mean LOTS of things including, personality, interactions, feelings toward things or people, and learning. Culture can affect our personality because it is believed that people with the same culture will share personality traits. Culture can affect our interactions because, for example, if you are trying to make a deal with someone with a different cultural back ground as you, you both will have a hard time understanding each other's actions and speech. People in some cultures are formal, i don't mean that they like to wear fancy clothes because they're rich, but because that is what is expected in their culture. People in those cultures may wear dresses or suits, they may use titles or speak in a more formal tone. Whereas people in other cultures are more informal. Both people seem "silly" to each other. Our feelings and actions toward other people are affected by culture. If you went to some countries in Africa and shook hands with the Africans the same way as you shake hands with Americans then may be considered dangerous and you are likely to get hurt. In America it would be seen are the "norm", but in Africa the hand that you were not shaking with, in their eyes, likely holds a weapon. Finally, culture affects our learning. As said at "A child growing up in a hunter-gatherer culture may need to lean about different species of plants, the habitat of animals, and weapons that can be used for hunting. If that same child grows up in a modern city, then that child has to learn about elevators, iPads, or subways. Our culture not only affects how we learn but what we learn."