Jesus Kunz

Loved buffets, liked movies and loved the ocean

When I was not there to say goodbye to my papa, we had to go to church and pray for my papa. My mom was very sad that she heard that my papa passed away. He was buried next to my great grandma in the Bay area. In Nevada we had a ceremony for him and the whole family came to go to the ceremony. Some people went up to talk about my great grandpa and they showed a video about my great grandpa and some people cried.

My Papa, Great Grandfather

He loved having dinner with whole family, he liked watching movies and was in love with the ocean until he passed away last summer. Family members would come to our house to pray for my papa. It was a praying video and it was not that long as i thought it would be. My family members came to eat and pray for my papa. After that my family left the house after watching the video and eating with us.