Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools


Students continue to learn about the habits of geese as they read the Henry and Tim series. This series introduces students to many interesting facts about the migration routes of geese.

In writing, students have been working on pen pal letters. Each student selects three topics in which to address with his/her pen pal(s). Many of the students shared their excitement for our upcoming Pioneer Day, at which time students will meet their pen pals.


Students began learning the division facts of 2. This week students also measured the area of various rectangles and discovered the correlation between area, multiplication and arrays. Also this week, students identified the multiples of 2, 3, 4, and 5 and how to use a multiplication table. Finally this week, students discovered the importance of selecting the appropriate tool to measure mass.

Social Studies and Science

As preparations are made for our Pioneer Day on May 11, students continue to learn the hardships of those who first settled in this area. Currently we are reading a diary of a young girl traveling on the Oregon Trail.

Our embryology unit was successful in many ways. Students learned much about the study of embryos and how they develop. They learned many facts about chickens. Most importantly, we had a successful hatch this year!!

Changes in matter, physical and chemical changes, are also being discussed in science. This unit also explains the changes of state. Practice on questions from Unit 10, Changes in Matter in Zondle, will benefit students as they prepare for the next test.