Battle Of Berlin

Who? Where? When? Why?

The Battle of Berlin was fought between Germany and Russia. The battle took place in Berlin Germany over several weeks between April 16- May 2 1945. The reason behind this battle starting was simply because it was the Russians final blow to the German Reich so that they could end the war once and for all.

leaders involved.

General Gotthard Heinrici


  • Heinrici was considered one of the best defensive tacticians in the German Army.
  • Served in WWI and also WWII on both fronts.
  • nicknamed him Unser Giftzwerg, meaning "our poison dwarf"

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Marshal Georgy Zhukov


  • member of Red Army
  • invaded Joseph Stalin's " Great Purge"
  • Zhukov was the most successful Russian general in World War Two. Zhukov led the attack on Berlin and was given the credit of the Russian fources over the Nazis. Throughout the whole Russian campaign he was known as the "man who did not lose a battle".
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Goals of the battle

the goal of this battle was to capture the third reich.

Outcome of battle.

The outcome of the Battle of Berlin left The Russians with 80,000 men killed and 275,000 wounded or missing. As well as two thousand Russian tanks destroyed. As for Germany, a total of 150,000 were killed during the battle.